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Buying Matcha Green Tea: Best Matcha Green Tea 


For the best cup of matcha green tea, you must buy matcha of the highest grade or quality.

If not, you may end up with a bag of matcha green tea that might not even meet your expectations

Buying the best matcha green tea from brands that import matcha from Japan is one way to ensure you’re getting the best quality. Japan has a consistent processing process, unlike most other places. 

You can follow the list we will describe in the article. You can directly get these from Amazon or look for them in your local coffee shop or stores.

Let’s get started;

What is Matcha Green Tea?

A powdered green tea from Japan named matcha is gaining popularity worldwide. Drinks containing high levels of antioxidants are powerful health-promoting agents. They fight viral infections by supporting the immune system.

The best matcha in the world is produced now in Japan, despite its origins in ancient China. Traditional stone mills have been used to grind this delicate, deep green powder. 

Matcha is made from green tea from trees shaded intensively for 30 days before harvest. The leaves get a deeper color and a more intense flavor by blocking out sunlight.

Considerations to make when purchasing matcha green tea

As we mentioned earlier, it is possible to end up with something that might not meet your expectations. With some simple tips, you can successfully purchase the best matcha tea among the choices you get.

Check where the matcha is from

We now know that Japan produces the majority of excellent matcha. Premium matcha is produced in cities like Uji, Kagoshima, Nishio, Shizuoka, and Kyushu. Green tea grows in these places because of the high-quality soil, abundant fresh water, and ideal temperature.

Check For The Colour 

Bright green is the perfect color for Matcha Green Tea. Matcha that is dull, yellow, or discolored is a sign it is of poor quality and may also have been improperly stored.

Picked young, fresh leaves are the ones containing the most chlorophyll. Steamed leaves ground into a powder result in a bright green powder.  

Besides containing the most L-theanine (Amino Acid), the earliest picked tea leaves produce the best taste of matcha tea, with far less bitterness than the leaves picked later. 

Does It Smell Right?

There should be a pleasant grassy aroma with a hint of a vegetal scent. With its fresh, sweet scent, high-grade Matcha will attract your attention. As a bonus, its scent is quite addictive.

If it smells fishy or like seaweed, it’s not good quality. It’s a sure sign of poor quality when it smells like that.

The finer, the better

Making matcha from Tencha takes a long and delicate process. Granite wheels are used to grind Tencha leaves into a fine powder. Due to the low heat created, this method has little danger of damaging the matcha.

In Japan, matcha is prepared by breaking up dry clumps with a fine sieve. The matcha should have particles as fine as cornstarch that floats in water. On the other hand, matcha of poor quality may be harsh and rough in texture.

The Best Matcha Green Tea 

Now, let’s start with our list of the best Matcha Green tea on Amazon. If you wish, also look for these in your local store for more precise information.

The Tao of Tea, 100% Organic Powdered Matcha Green Tea



  • Artisan Quality
  • Pure Leaf Teas
  • Brews 60 Cups
  • Caffeine: Most
  • Format Powder
  • Flavour Matcha
  • Tea variety Green
  • Item weight 3 Ounces

Historically, matcha green tea has had a special spiritual significance. Traditionally, this tea is made part of the Japanese Tea Ceremony to bring about mental concentration, calmness, and emotional stability.

The tea is high in beta carotene, contains more antioxidants than most teas, and has no calories. 

For making this tea, bamboo mats are placed on the tea plants during the last few weeks of their growing season to stimulate the development of chlorophyll, which contributes to the tea’s color and flavor. As soon as the leaves are plucked, they are steamed and then quickly cooled before being ground into a powder in stone mills. Only 40 grams can be processed in a single mill per hour. 

The taste is buttery, rich, and sweet. Bamboo whisks are ideal for mixing this tea in a bowl. Additionally, it can be prepared in drinks, shakes, or smoothies.

You can get this fantastic tea directly from Amazon.

Encha Latte Grade Pure Organic Matcha



There are several matcha green teas on the market, but Encha is the only company that uses organic matcha powder and first harvest leaves. Matcha from later in the growing season is often more bitter and tougher.

There are two sizes of bags for this matcha, 30 grams, and 60 grams. The bags are printed with valuable recipes. A ratio of two grams of matcha per eight-ounce glass of milk is recommended. It can be shaken, whisked, or blended. Whatever the procedure, matcha takes only minutes to make.

Directly from Amazon, you can purchase this fantastic tea.

Twinings Superblends Matcha Green Tea


Combined with the flavors of cranberry and lime, this matcha contains manganese, which aids in maintaining a healthy metabolism that provides energy.

Matcha in this blend is brightened, lifted, and softer with the addition of cranberry and lime fruits. The result is a tasty, light drink you’ll enjoy.

A dewy, misty tea garden in China is where this matcha has been produced. This matcha has been lightly pan-fried before grounding. You can easily order this excellent tea from Amazon.


By following a proper procedure for buying matcha green tea, you can have the best among the several companies available. 

Having a good cup of matcha green tea will give you the necessary boost throughout the day. 

Best of Luck!


Who shouldn’t drink matcha?

An overdose of caffeine may result in headaches, insomnia, and irritability. People who already suffer from these problems must not drink matcha green tea.

Is it healthy to drink matcha green tea every day?

Yes, matcha can be consumed every day. Caffeine content is the most important thing to consider when determining how much matcha you should consume. 

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