Gift sets have been a staple of gift giving for years. They offer a no-hassle way to present a gift recipient with a good-looking, usually rather useful present without the need for extensive shopping for the various elements they include. A matcha gift set from How Matcha is no exception.

As one of London’s foremost experts on matcha green tea, and the name behind a truly unique café in Marylebone, How Matcha introduces people to the many delights, and health benefits, of consuming matcha green tea every day. And we have now channeled all of that expertise, and a curated selection of the high quality matcha products we sell into a range of matcha gift set offerings that are proving popular with people of all ages, and as a gift for almost any occasion.

Matcha Gift Set - Measuring Spoon

What is Matcha Green Tea Anyway?

While you may have heard of matcha green tea, or seen some of the amazing, brightly coloured delicious looking matcha creations people – How Matcha included – post to image sites like Instagram and TikTok – if you haven’t tried it for yourself yet you may still be wondering what all the fuss is about, whether it lives up to hype and if it will really make a good gift for that special someone (or your boss.)

These are all reasonable questions, especially as the matcha green tea trend is relatively new to the UK, and to the Western world in general. It’s not new in Japan, where the best matcha green tea comes from, as it has been an important part of culinary culture – and spiritual ritual – for almost a millennia.

Buddhist monks introduced matcha to feudal Japan as a way to stay alert during extended periods of meditation. However, it dates back to the Tang Dynasty in China. It is still used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony called temae, and it is an important part of Japanese culture.

Today, in the West, matcha is popular not only among tea connoisseurs and gourmands, but also among health-conscious individuals who value its purported health benefits and moderate caffeine content. And a delicious matcha latte has become a must have on many people’s lists of favourite everyday treats.

Matcha green tea is made from tea leaves that have been largely shade-grown, steamed, deveined, and destemmed, and is literally translated as “powdered tea.” Matcha is a fine stone-ground bright green powder that is customarily made into a vegetal drink by whisking it with boiling water.

As matcha green tea has grown in popularity in the West, the basic matcha green tea has been transformed into other tea beverages – see How Matcha for a lineup of some of the amazing beverages you can make with it – and it can also be used as an ingredient in homemade biscuits, cakes, and other baked goods, bringing the health benefits – and bright green colour – of matcha to food as well as drink.

Matcha Latte

The Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

If you choose to give or send a matcha gift set from How Matcha you’ll be doing more than sending a pretty box of teas and tea making tools, you’ll be sending something that can improve your gift recipients’ health, which is a lot more than can be said for a calorie heavy box of chocolates.

Green tea is well-known for the numerous health advantages it provides. It includes high levels of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is a type of polyphenol that is extremely powerful and beneficial.

Green tea – and matcha – has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antidiabetic, antibacterial, and other physiological properties. Caffeine, included in green tea, may aid memory and attention. In certain studies, green tea has been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Although there aren’t enough formal scientific studies to back this up yet, green tea and EGCG may offer cancer-fighting properties as well.


Green Tea vs. Matcha Green Tea

So, what distinguishes matcha green tea from regular green tea? When you drink regular green tea, you’re actually drinking a water extract from the leaves, which removes a lot of the healthy components.

However, when you eat or drink matcha, you’re actually consuming the tea leaves themselves, in powdered form. This raises your body’s levels of EGCG and other health-promoting compounds. Matcha powders can have three times the amount of EGCG as the strongest green teas. The specific harvest and preparation method for matcha green tea leaves to be turned into matcha green tea powder may also help to boost their medicinal properties.

More than Just Tea

When you give a matcha gift set from How Matcha you’ll be gifting more than just a way to make a great tea that your gift recipient will love, you might introduce them to all a whole new way to relax, to unwind after a long day, boost their productivity and even improve their baking skills! Very few other gift sets can claim to offer all of this, and yet still not break your gift giving budget.

Take the concept of a matcha tea ceremony. Our matcha gift sets offerings – which can be 100% customised to your preferences, – can include everything needed to perform a tea ceremony at home.

Matcha tea preparation via a traditional Japanese tea ceremony is a meditation practice in and of itself! Slowly preparing and drinking a tea beverage in accordance with ancient Japanese customs is quite soothing, calming and can be a great way to unwind after a long day. A matcha gift set from How Matcha can offer all the traditional tools, and high quality, ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder needed to perform one at any time.

Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Gift Sets for Business

Want to offer your customers or corporate clients a very different corporate gift? Forget pens and food hampers, a matcha gift set will not only delight them, but it will also stand out from amongst all the other corporate gifts they might receive, helping make your brand, and your business, far more memorable.

The How Matcha Gift Set Difference

As matcha skyrockets in popularity in the UK we are not the only company offering a matcha tea gift set. But we can confidently say that our matcha gift sets offer the very best options and, most importantly, taste experiences of them all.

100% bespoke, our matcha gift set can be configured to your unique gift giving needs. From including a high quality matcha tea set – perfect for performing those relaxing tea ceremonies to a baking focused matcha gift set – matcha is wonderful when used in biscuits, cakes, pancakes and more – to a match bubble tea gift set that can be used to make one of the trendiest, tastiest specialty beverages ever created, a matcha green tea gift set from How Matcha can cover it all.

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