Matcha is difficult to overlook. Its earthy flavor, brilliant color, and buzzy effects are unmistakable, whether it’s in a creamy latte, a potent shot, the vibrant icing of a cake, enhancing your afternoon smoothie, or in a hot, calming tea.

Matcha exists in its own world. There’s so much to understand and enjoy about it—intriguing, it’s deep, and nuanced. Matcha is a delectable, ageless alternative for folks who wish to switch up their caffeine habit, refine their taste buds, or simply set out a few minutes for a meditation exercise (that, as a bonus, makes a delicious drink!).

While we would love for as many people as possible to enjoy the matcha green tea delights we offer at our How Matcha cafe in Marylebone – and we certainly invite you to stop by when you are in the neighbourhood, we know that’s not possible.

But as we think that everyone should be able to enjoy all that it has to offer we offer a personalized Matcha making kit that will allow you to do just that, from the comfort of your own home kitchen.

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What is Matcha Tea Really?

Matcha is a Japanese green tea powder that is stone ground rather than retained in bigger bits. As a result, rather than infusing water with the tea’s taste, you drink the entire leaf, whisked into a frothy suspension with a little water just shy of boiling. It is the foundation of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, an elaborate ritual that dates back to the 9th century and originated among Buddhist monks.

Matcha contains a significant amount of caffeine—roughly the same as a cup of coffee but more than steeped green tea—making it a popular morning or afternoon pick-me-up, whether served ceremonially (with water) or in a latte. It’s also becoming more popular in baked goods, where its slight bitterness balances out the sweetness of a cake or biscuit while also adding a vibrant green hue.

What is a Matcha making kit?

A Matcha making kit, or a Matcha making kit from How Matcha anyway, contains all the basics you’ll need to enjoy matcha at home, or wherever you like in fact. While making most matcha beverages is not overly complicated, there are some things you will need to have on hand to really enjoy your matcha experience. Our mix and match, personalised Matcha making kits can include all the following:

Matcha Whisk

In Japanese culture, a chasen is a single whisk used in the preparation of matcha tea. This matcha whisk is required to ensure that the matcha green tea powder and hot water are blended evenly and create the smooth, silky texture that is a signature element of all matcha beverages. If you don’t whisk the matcha green tea powder well enough, it will go lumpy, which isn’t what you want.

The matcha whisk’s design also aids in the creation of lots of air bubbles, which produce the froth that gives your matcha teas a more appealing appearance and lighter texture. A single piece of bamboo with consistent “teeth” is used to make the whisk and it’s wider than a standard whisk.

Matcha Latte

Matcha Whisk Holder

A chasen – or matcha whisk – holder, often made of ceramic, is recommended for keeping the whisk’s shape, but it’s also a great way to display it when it’s not in use, since it’s a beautiful kitchen item in and of itself.

Matcha Bowl

The Japanese don’t make use of tea cups in the tea ceremonies they still perform to this day: they make use of a matcha bowl instead, and so that you can enjoy a more authentic matcha experience at home we include one in our Matcha making kit as well (or more than one if you prefer.) These bowls are wider and deeper than a standard tea cup and they offer a wider surface for froth, improving the taste.

Matcha Spoon

The last piece of matcha making equipment you’ll need is a bamboo spoon called chashaku in Japanese. The chashaku is used to add matcha powder to your bowl, as you may have guessed and it’s a small deep utensil that is perfectly sized for use in tea ceremonies or simply for making sure you are adding just the right amounts of matcha green tea powder to your beverages or baking every time.

High Quality Matcha Green Tea Powder

No Matcha making kit would be complete without the matcha green tea itself! Our Matcha making kits include your personal choice of our ceremonial grade matcha green tea powders, all of which are the highest quality Japanese matcha powders that produce the best possible matcha when prepared.

Why is the fact that the matcha powders included in our Matcha making kits are derived from Japanese matcha tea? After all, Japan is no longer the only nation that produces matcha, even if they were the first to make regular use of it, over a thousand years ago?


Matcha Whisk Set Gift Options

Matcha does not differ because it comes from a different plant to traditional green tea, or even the black tea you might be more used to. In fact, they all come from the same plants. The difference between them all comes about in the way they are grown and harvested.

To achieve the vibrant green colour, vegetal sweet taste, and abundance of healthy antioxidants that make drinking matcha so appealing, the tea tree plants must be grown in heavily shaded conditions for the last 60 days of the growth process, and harvested at just the right time. Soil and weather conditions are important too.  

While other countries do indeed now produce matcha green tea powders only Japanese matcha powder has been created using matcha green tea that has been grown, harvested and then stone ground in order to maximise color, aroma, taste and nutrition.

Japanese matcha is earthy and has a sweet aftertaste, matcha from elsewhere is usually bitter and lacks the bright green colour that not only looks beautiful but indicates that the maximum amount of healthy antioxidants have been retained throughout the process of turning tea leaves into powder. It’s the only form of matcha we use at How Matcha, and it’s the only form we feel is worthy of inclusion in our Matcha making kit.

Ready to start enjoying the delights of matcha in your own home? Buy a Matcha making kit from How Matcha, and then get ready to do just that as soon as it arrives in the post!

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