It’s tough to overlook matcha. Whether it’s in a creamy latte, a strong shot, the vivid icing of a cake, complementing your afternoon smoothie, or in a hot, calming tea, its earthy flavor, vibrant color, and buzzy effects are unmistakable.

Matcha is a world unto itself. It’s fascinating, complex, and nuanced, and there’s a lot to learn and like about it.

Matcha is a tasty, ageless option for anyone looking to mix up their caffeine habit, polish their taste buds, or simply set aside a time for a meditation exercise (that also happens to be delicious!).

While we’d love for as many customers as possible to enjoy the matcha green tea delights we provide at our Marylebone How Matcha cafe – and we certainly urge you to pop by if you’re in the area – we understand that this isn’t practical.

But, because we believe that everyone should be able to experience everything it has to offer, we’ve created a customised Matcha set which will allow you to do just that, right in your own kitchen.

Iced Matcha

What Exactly Is Matcha Tea?

Matcha is a powdered green tea from Japan that is stone milled rather than kept in larger chunks of tea leaves. As a result, instead of infusing water with the tea’s flavor, you drink the whole leaf, whisked into a foamy suspension with just enough water to keep it from boiling. It is the cornerstone of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, an intricate ritual that evolved among Buddhist monks in the 9th century.

Matcha is a popular morning or afternoon pick-me-up because it contains a large amount of caffeine—roughly the same as a cup of coffee but more than brewed green tea—making it a favourite morning or afternoon pick-me-up whether served ceremonially (with water) or in lattes. It’s also becoming more fashionable in baked goods, where its mild bitterness cuts through the richness of a cake or biscuit while also imparting a brilliant green hue.

What is the purpose of a Matcha set?

A Matcha set, or a How Matcha set in particular, comprises all of the essentials you’ll need to enjoy matcha green tea at home, or anywhere else for that matter. While most matcha beverages are simple to make, there are a few things you’ll need on hand to get the most out of your matcha experience.

All of the following can be included in our mix-and-match customised Matcha sets:

Matcha Whisk

A chasen is a singular whisk used in the making of matcha tea in Japanese culture.

This matcha whisk is essential to guarantee that the matcha powder and hot water are evenly blended, resulting in the smooth, silky texture that is a hallmark of all matcha beverages. If you don’t blend the matcha green tea powder thoroughly enough, it will get lumpy, which is not desirable, to say the least!

The design of the matcha whisk also helps to create a lot of air bubbles, which generates the froth that provides your matcha teas with a more enticing appearance and lighter texture. The whisk is made from a single piece of bamboo with constant “teeth,” and it is wider than a typical whisk.

Matcha Latte

Holder for a Matcha Whisk

A chasen – or matcha whisk – holder, commonly made of ceramic, is advised for retaining the whisk’s shape when it’s not in use, but it’s also a terrific way to showcase it when it’s not in use, since it’s a lovely kitchen item in and of itself.

Matcha Bowl

In the tea ceremonies that are still performed today in Japan, tea cups are not used; instead, a matcha bowl is used, and we include one in our Matcha set so that you may enjoy a more realistic matcha experience at home (or more than one if you prefer.) These bowls are deeper and wider than a conventional tea cup, providing a larger surface for froth and so increasing the flavor.

Matcha Spoon

A bamboo spoon, known as chashaku in Japanese, is the last piece of matcha-making equipment you’ll need.

As you may have guessed, the chashaku is often used to add matcha powder to your bowl, and it’s a small deep utensil that’s precisely proportioned for use in tea ceremonies or simply to ensure that you’re adding the exact quantity of matcha green tea powder to your drinks or pastries every time.

Matcha Green Tea Powder of Superior Quality

Without the matcha green tea, no Matcha set would be complete! Our Matcha sets come with your choice of ceremonial grade matcha green tea powders, which are all the highest quality Japanese matcha powders that produce the best matcha when made.

What does it mean that the matcha powders in our Matcha sets are made from Japanese matcha tea? After all, even if they were the first to use matcha on a daily basis over a thousand years ago, Japan is no longer the only country that produces it.

Matcha is not distinguished from ordinary green tea or even black tea by the fact that it is made from a different plant. They all come from the very same plants, in fact. The distinction between them all stems from how they’re cultivated and harvested.


The tea tree plants must be grown in extremely shadowed settings for the last 60 days of the growing process, then harvested at just the correct moment, to obtain the vivid green color, vegetal sweet taste, and plenty of healthful antioxidants that make consuming matcha so appealing. It’s also vital to consider the soil and weather conditions.

While matcha green tea powder is now produced in various countries, only Japanese matcha powder is made from matcha green tea that has been grown, harvested, and stone milled to maximize color, aroma, flavor, and nutrition.

Matcha from Japan is earthy and sweet, whereas matcha from other countries is typically bitter and lacks the vivid green color that not only looks lovely but also signals that the maximum quantity of healthful antioxidants have been kept during the process of turning tea into powder.

It’s the only type of matcha we use at How Matcha, and the only type we think deserves to be included in our Matcha set.

Matcha Smoothiee

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